• a real izakaya experience


  • Japanese Robata Yaki Grills


  • where you go to relax


  • delicious food, laid back atmosphere


Dining Izakaya Style

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what is an izakaya?

Real Izakaya, the ones we love and want to show appreciation for, use bincho-tanĀ charcoal (not gas or electric) and cook their food over open flame using the famed Japanese Robata Yaki Grills. We have had all of ours hand made for us in Tokyo and we can’t wait to show you what real Japanese charcoal and Robata Grill food tastes like.

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Izakaya are about drinking

Izakaya are about drinking. It’s where you go after work, or to hang out and meet up with friends. It’s the place to catch up on what’s going on with people and it’s always fun and relaxed. The drinks are always refreshing….and always plentiful.

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The food is meant to pair with the great drinks

The style is that of tapas or small plates and are meant to be shared. The food should be of high quality, simple, and very delicious. Izakaya food, as is the case with all Japanese cuisine, is about more than just great taste. Texture is also prized, so go ahead, try that crunchy chicken skin or chewy pork belly…we promise you will enjoy the new flavors and textures. Read more about Bamboo Izakaya’s commitment to sustainability